What is the Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

The Covid certificate was initially intended to enable travel within the EU. However, since 13 August 2021, it has also been used to allow large events (from 1,500 to 75,000 visitors) to take place safely in Belgium. Then the name 'Covid Safe Ticket (CST)' will be used. Your Covid certificate becomes, in addition to your purchased entry ticket, an additional entry requirement.
The Covid Safe Ticket is not a separate document. The Covid certificate that you will find in the CovidSafeBE app, on the digital channels or that you received by post, together with your ticket for the event, is sufficient to gain access to Covid Safe mass events.
When scanning your certificate, you must also be able to present an identity document to verify that the certificate you show is yours personally. So always be in possession of an identity document. A driving licence is also acceptable.

Who is eligible for a valid Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

You get a valid Covid Safe Ticket (CST) with:

  1. a vaccination certificate (more than 2 weeks of complete vaccination);
  2. a recovery certificate of less than 6 months (positive PCR test between 11 and 180 days ago);
  3. a test certificate:
      • a PCR test with a negative result (with sample taken not more than 48 hours ago);
      • a rapid antigen test with a negative result (with sample taken within 24 hours).

In the case of a test certificate, the certificate is valid until the end of the calendar day on which it expires.

Do children or young people need a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) for an event?

If you are younger than 12 and an EU citizen, you do not need a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) to gain access to an event. If you are 12 years or older you do need a Covid Safe Ticket.

I already have a European corona certificate. Do I need to apply for a Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

The Covid Safe Ticket (CST) uses the same QR code as the European corona certificate. These codes are identical. Thus, there is no separate application method or procedure for the CST. If you already have this certificate, you do not need to apply for an additional document.

How do I apply for the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) digitally?

Everybody older than 12 years (year of birth 2009) can apply for the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) digitally via the CovidSafeBE app and on websites such as Mijn Burgerprofiel, mijngezondheid.be or MyHealthViewer. To request digital certificates, you need either your identity card, PIN code and card reader, or another activated digital key (for example itsme).
People without a Belgian eID but with a BIS number can also activate and register their digital keys. Registration via eIDAS (new European registration method) is also possible for people without a Belgian eID whose home country is a member of eIDAS (currently the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Portugal and Slovakia).

I do not have a computer or a smartphone. Can I apply for the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) on paper?

Definitely. A friend or family member can print this out for you via websites such as My Citizen Profile, myhealth.be or MyHealthViewer.
But you can also get the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) for vaccination by mail upon request. However, you should take into account a waiting period of 1 week between ordering and receiving. To do this, you contact the helpdesk of the region where you were vaccinated:

  • Flanders: 078 78 78 50 (09.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs on weekdays)
  • Brussels: 02 21 19 19 (09.00hrs to 17.30hrs on weekdays and from 10.00hrs to 17.30hrs in the weekend)
  • German speaking community: 0800 23 032 (09.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs on weekdays)
  • French Community (Wallonia): 071 31 34 93 (09.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs from Monday to Saturday)

How is the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) checked?

The scanning of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is done via the CovidScanBE app that you can download for free.
The Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is personal: the organiser is obliged to also check the identity of the owner. The CST and identity checks must be carried out by the persons in charge of access control to the event or by personnel from a private security company or in-house security. Therefore, when scanning your certificate, you must also be able to provide an identity document to verify that the certificate you are showing is yours personally. This must be an identity document containing biometric data. A driving licence is also acceptable.

Is my privacy respected during the verification of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

When scanning your Covid Safe Ticket (CST), no health data is shared with the organiser or security company. They only get to see your name, first name and date of birth, and whether the certificate meets the requirements for entry. No visitor data is stored on the scanning devices.

Is a screenshot of my Covid Safe Ticket (CST) valid?

No. You need to show the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) via the CovidSafeBE app or on paper.

Can I check the validity of my Covid Safe Ticket (CST) myself?

In order to ensure smooth access to the Werktuigendagen, it is recommended that each visitor checks beforehand whether he/she receives a green code when scanning the certificate. Via the CovidScanBE app (which you can download for free) certificates can be scanned quickly and easily. Ask a friend or family member to do this for you.

Is my Covid Safe Ticket (CST) an entry ticket?

No, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) only proves that you meet the conditions to gain access to the Werktuigendagen. You must also be in possession of a valid admission ticket (available in advance online and at the cash desk).

Can I be denied access to the Werktuigendagen?

It is possible! It is the responsibility of each visitor to ensure that:

  • He or she always has the required documents and certificates with them;
  • These can be shown to the organisation;
  • Has knowledge of the rules and complies with them.

Can I get tested on the spot?

No, there is no possibility to be tested on the spot. Self-tests are not valid.

Do I need to wear a mask on the exhibition site of the Werktuigendagen?

No. Once you have successfully passed the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) checkpoint, you enter a safe zone where the rules regarding masks and social distancing are relaxed. In concrete terms, this means that you do not have to wear a mask and keep a distance of one and a half metres on the fair grounds. The Werktuigendagen will therefore proceed in a normal manner.
Please note that on the car parks and the road up to the CST checkpoint, the normal corona rules do apply. So there you have to wear a mask and keep your distance.

Where can I find more official information about the Covid Safe Ticket (CST)?

The authorities communicate the rules regarding the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) through various websites: