Provincial Test Center for Vegetable Cultivation in East Flanders

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The PCG (Provincial Test Center for Vegetable Cultivation East Flanders vzw) is active in both the public and private fields research and education, in open or closed knowledge system as the client prefers. Our activities are done in collaboration with the government, private companies or with other research centers at home and abroad.

PCG is a practical center for research and information in vegetable cultivation. PCG's activities are grouped into 4 knowledge units:

  • Outdoor vegetable cultivation
  • Vegetable cultivation under shelter
  • Taste and consumer research
  • Innovation

In addition, PCG also provides services such as information water management on companies Water portal, An East Flemish information desk with PCG as coordinator, soil analysis and fertilization advice through the laboratory of the PCG. The Department taste- and consumer research from PCG is the only one in Flanders specialized in the sensory analysis by vegetables and fruit, where the quality of fruits and vegetables is measured using the human senses. In addition, the PCG also conducts qualitative and quantitative consumer research via focus groups and surveys. Also themes like marketing and chain development, where we new ideas after research also help in the market put and a business plan work out for this, and GEP taint studies are discussed in this section.