JOSKIN is building the world's largest programme of trailers for transport and spreading of agricultural products.

Its machines criss-cross the countryside all over Europe and in many regions of the world. Almost 60 countries are regularly served each year.

Created in 1968 by Victor Joskin, the company has developed to become an international group keeping its strategic and financial independence and its family management.


  • Silo-Space 2

    The Silo-SPACE looks like a new man. This new version, which includes all strong points (running gear, moving floor, air brakes, etc.) that contributed until now to its success, pushes the boundaries regarding loading capacity and manoeuvrability. The Silo-SPACE 2 is made up of a tapered body with moving floor ensuring a fluid and fast unloading. Its special feature lies in the high loading capacity: up to 59 m³ with a dome. Designed on a particularly sturdy basis, the silage trailer is fitted with a JOSKIN hydraulic suspension, which makes it very stable and comfortable to drive, both in the fields and on the road.

  • Solodisc XXL

    The Solodisc XXL is an injector that is perfectly suitable for the largest areas: its working width can reach 8.25 m. The 18.75 cm between all elements ensure an efficient and homogeneous spreading in different situations (grass, growing crops, stubble-fields, etc.). The Solodisc XXL is fitted with a sturdy frame, vertical macerators and hydraulic pincers.

  • Trans-Space

    Thanks to its design and manufacturing quality, the empty weight of the Trans-Space agricultural tipping trailers is significantly reduced and therefore allows to transport still higher payloads. Combined to a JOSKIN running gear, they are ideal for intensive transport.

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