Agrivaux sa company specialized in precision farming


  • Garford-Inrow

    Smart weeding which can also do interrow weeding. Crop recognition by smart Camera's controlling electric motors for in-row weeding and guidance by disc coulters.

  • Garford

    Inter-row weeding with self-guided HD camera and ROBOCROP translator with ISOBUS section control

  • Ag Leader

    RTK steering tractors and self-propelled machines. ISOBUS, section control, rate control, yield monitoring etc.

  • Homburg SmartSOLUTIONS

    ISOBUS RTK Implement steering, levelling, section control, stop & go module for tree planting at set distances (Ag Leader and ISOBUS compatible)

  • Agrivaux

    Self-guided by ULTRASONS tools on mounds or panches. Pre-seeding, planting, weeding, bining, post-emergence treatments, harvesting

  • Agrivaux

    Individual lighting of sprayer nozzles

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