Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

Flemish Land Agency or VLM

The Flemish Land Agency, a Flemish government agency , is responsible for the organization and management of the open space in Flanders. Furthermore, it contributes to shaping rural policy in Flanders. In execution of theĀ  manure policy, it works on a better water quality. Its field of activity comprises the rural areas and the peri-urban open space in Flanders.

The VLM belongs to the policy area Environment, Nature and Energy. Land development, manure bank and rural development are the core divisions of the VLM. In addition to its head office in Brussels, there is an executive department in each of the 5 Flemish provinces, for the execution of VLM projects. Through those six locations, the VLM is accessible for everyone in Flanders who wants to make use of its services.

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