QEOS specialises in developing geolocation-based time registration solutions. In the agricultural sector we are mainly known as AGR-GPS service provider for the manure transport, and as developer of applications for the management of agricultural entrepreneurs. Moreover, we offer additional solutions for the monitoring of containers or the management of transports. Each application can be custom made. Contact us via info@qeos.be if you are looking for a specific solution.


  • Qeos: VehicleViewer AGR-GPS

    The AGR-GPS that complies with the legal requirements of the Flemish Government and the VLM (Flemish Land Agency).

  • Qeos: TeamViewer AgriManagement

    Cut through red tape and manage agricultural entrepreneurs in real time.

  • Qeos: AssetViewer Container

    Optimise the management of container handling operations.

  • Qeos: VehicleViewer Transport Management System

    Trace your deliveries and optimise your transport tasks.

  • Qeos: VehicleViewer Feed Chain Alliance

    Traceability required by OVOCOM for animal feed road transport - FCA.

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