Pype Agro & Geotextiles

Pype Agro & Geo Textiles, Dadizele is specialised in Agro and Geo textiles. The customer and quality are key. We take care of a fast and smooth delivery.

Furthermore we are specialised in:

      • Silage films: underlayer film, SILOSTOP®, silage films, silage nets, silobags…

      • Agryl fleece

      • Toptex® for sugar beets

      • Tissubel® for hay and straw

      • Toptex® for compost and wood chips

      • Geotextiles for industry


  • Tissubel®

    Tissubel® is made of green non woven PP, especially developed to cover straw outside and protect it against rain and rough weather. The straw quality remains the same.

  • Toptex® + Jupette®

    Toptex® and Jupettes® are the ideal combination to cover a beet pile on the field and protect the beet pile against frost.

  • Silage Films

    A complete range of silage films and nets that offer you the possibility to silage corn. When using the newly designed underlayer film there is no need to use tires anymore.

    Silostop Black Ultimate Oxygen Barrier Film is recognised worldwide as the leading Oxygen Barrier film for delivering optimum silage quality.

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