Maïsadour Semences are acclaimed seed specialists who aim to play a key long-term role alongside their partners and farmers. To achieve this, we serve our customers on the basis of our core beliefs and distinctive characteristics which make us one of a kind among seed producers :

Across the board expertise in seeds. We are a leading European seed producer for maize and oil seeds and have over 40 years worth of experience in bringing the benefits of advances in genetics and plant growing technologies to farmers and breeders.

Combining the worlds of agriculture and life sciences to control every step from the field to the consumer's plate.

A committed company which is keen to develop local economic networks.


  • Maisadour

    Top quality corn seeds of grain and silage corn hybrids with an excellent agronomic profile

  • Maxi

    Highly productive pasture mixtures for grazing or mowing

  • Luzerne Galaxie Max

    Alfalfa ready to drill, inoculated and coated with SAS Energy

  • Rivage

    Fodder Beets

  • Viridis

    Fodder Beets

  • Chlorofiltre mengsels

    Green cover and successive crops (clover, alfalfa, mustard,...)

  • Silo King

    Bio forage additive. Conserves, improves and stabilizes your silos.

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