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K.I. SAMEN is a private A.I. centre in the Netherlands established in 1982. The focus of K.I. SAMEN is on practical breeding. This means that we are trying to improve the breeding by looking first and foremost to the practical conditions on the dairy farms. Our selection is rooted in cow families, which have proven themselves in the working field, not on special prepared testing grounds. At the age of three months the young bulls are housed on slattered floors. When the young bulls reach the age of one year, we evaluate them and regardless the paper we cull him if he is not well-build or does not have strong legs and feet. Something good can breed something better! This is our ‘farming’ approach for breeding. The cow family behind a bull has to have scored at least 2 or 3 generations VG and preferably more. Furthermore, the cows must give good milk with high components. Whenever we evaluate a cow family we look to all the family members in order to find the strong points of the family. The success is based on results on the farms. Practical proven breeding is our motto.


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