DLF Benelux has been active in the seed industry for more than 100 years and specialized in the processing, production, marketing and sales of grass seeds. In addition to grass seeds, seeds of fertilizers, alfalfa, clovers and fodder beets are also sold. DLF works with state-of-the-art research & development facilities for development and testing of new breeds for feed and recreational grasses. In addition, we have an extensive testing network for our crops.


  • ForageMax

    More milk with DLF

    The ForageMax Grassmixture range consists of blends that are tailor made for today's demanding cattle breeder. These mixtures are composed of the very best varieties available. The result: More yield and higher quality, so more milk from own roughage.

  • Vital Earth - groenbemesters

    Green Manure

    A healthy vital soil is the base for every crop-cultivated crop. Vital Earth green manure makes an additional contribution to the soil as they are made in such a way that they leave the soil more fertile and healthier.

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