Bayer (Nunhems)

A specialist brand

Under the Nunhems brand, Bayer offers expert advice and high-quality seed varieties of ~25 vegetable crops. With more than 2,000 employees, we are present in all major vegetable production areas around the globe. We are dedicated to producing market-oriented varieties and seed products, and more than just that. We are oriented towards customers, and towards sharing value-added genetics, services and expertise to help them succeed.


  • Leek
    • Poulton F1: Variety for the fresh market. Generate the highest possible earnings with this short shafted hybrid that produces high quality leek due to its high density and attractive dark color.
    • Nunton F1: Latest variety for the fresh market. This Autumn hybrid sets a new standard for uniformity and total product presentation.
    • Linkton F1: This early hybrid gives you the length and uniformity needed for industry already from the beginning of the season.
  • Carrot
    • Romance F1: a uniform carrot that delivers a high packable yield.
    • Cadance F1: High tolerance against growth cracks, splitting and breaking.
    • Spitfire: Very suitable for slicing due to its length (average = 24 cm) and high yield. Very high tolerance against growth cracks and breaking.
  • Celeriac
    • Code 4: Hybride with a very round shape and a compact root system that makes it easy to harvest and to wash.
    • Markiz F1: Attractive for processing because of its excellent internal quality.
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